About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission at KRS III Sports & Entertainment Management Group, Inc. is to meet and exceed the needs of the athlete on an individual basis.  We build trust by discussing with the athlete his values and long-term objectives.  At KRS III Sports & Entertainment Management Group, Inc., the athlete’s opinion is the most important aspect of the final decision-making process.

Our concept is based on service being number one; your needs and concerns inherently become ours.  We do not believe in telling you what your needs are, instead we discuss your ideas and goals, devise a strategy for achieving them and work with you every step of the way to ultimately obtain all that you  deserve. 



"Anyone can stand tall on the high peaks. It is the people who survive the valleys between the peaks who will emerge the strongest. These survivors will be our leaders--the ones who are mentally tough and have the perseverance to keep going."

~Preston Pearson, former NFL Halfback

Service You Can Trust

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing/Endorsements
  • Legal Services
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Personal Training

  • At KRS III Sports Management Group, we first and foremost believe in developing a one-on-one relationship with you as a person to ascertain your personal goals and aspirations both on and off the field.  As a result, we are able to develop a personalized plan for your representation as a player that will:

    » Maximize your visibility and performance

    » Utilize our team approach to contract negotiations 

    » Market you by matching our connections to your passion

    » Ensure that you have a financial plan based on your long-term goals

    Robert M. Sheets
    President and CEO
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