Clients & Comments


"Thank you Rob for everything you do for my son.

 During the process of choosing an agent, I prayed that Lou would find a man of faith that would serve as another father figure of sorts for him.  We found that in you.  I thank God every day for you being a part of our lives."
~Fabian Vasquez
(Father of Louis Vasquez)

"[Rob] You are truly one of the most important men in my life and have helped me through the ups and downs an NFL kicker experiences.  Thank you for all that you do and for caring when you don't have to."
~Garrett Lindholm,
St. Louis Rams

"My agent is more than an agent to me, he is also a family friend, and he was in the room with me when the doctor gave me his opinion. He heard for himself how serious it was. So when I decided to retire, Rob treated me like Zach Orr the person, not Zach Orr the football player, and he respected my decision because he cares more about my health than he does about money or football."
-Zach Orr
Baltimore Ravens ILB
2nd Team All-Pro

"...KRS has become a part of my family. Rob always works hard for me regarding my career, but more importantly he is always there for me when it comes to life.  He is not just a good agent, he's a good person with a great heart for people and life"
~Jonathan Evans,
Houston Texans


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Zach Conque (Houston Texans) 2017 Deon Hollins (Denver Broncos) 2017             Antoine Everett (Pittsburgh Steelers) 2015

Alonzo Harris (Green Bay Packers) 2015            Antonio Johnson (BC Lions) 2015           

Cyril Lemon (New Orleans Saints) 2015


Zachary Orr (Baltimore Ravens) 2014         

Joe Anderson (New York Jets) 2013

Andrew Furney (New York Jets) 2013


            Loyce Means (Houston Texans) 2011

Sammy Brown (Ottawa Red Blacks) 2010

 Michael Hayes (San Diego Chargers) 2010   


Garrett Lindholm (St. Louis Rams) 2010
Nick Richmond (San Diego Chargers) 2010            Louis Vasquez (Denver Broncos) 2009            
David Hawthorne (New Orleans Saints) 2008            Marcus Riley (Green Bay Packers) 2008 Marcus Thigpen (Buffalo Bills) 2008
Michael Adams (Tampa Bay Bucs) 2007
Jonathan Evans (Washington Redskins) 2004
Tim Duncan (Philadelphia Eagles) 2001

Travian Smith (Oakland Raiders) 1998

Pat Swilling (Oakland Raiders) 1995
Don Eck, Head Coach
UFL (Las Vegas Locos)
Antonio Tarver,                       Former Light Heavyweight             Chase Tenpenny, NFL  (San Diego Chargers)
 Dr. Phil TowleSports Psychologist
(Kansas City Chiefs)
 Luke Van Valin MC/Host       

 Garrett Willis, PGA Golfer